The Minner Company Butler PA

Valued Customers:

With a sad heart and a glad heart, I have officially retired. A sad heart because I was involved in the home improvement business for forty-three years. A glad heart because now I can move on to something new and different.

I will continue to answer my phone at 724-282-7800, and I will handle service calls like I always have. My crews are still available to come to your home to make repairs.

If you wish to have additional work done, I am happy to pass your name along to the same crews who have worked for me for years. And I am still available to help people and advise them. After doing this for forty-three years, it is rare when I can not diagnose a problem over the phone.

If you are contacting The Minner Company for the first time and would like a free estimate on some type of exterior home improvement, I would be happy to refer you to other companies/contractors who I think highly of.


My new venture is writing. I already have one book in print and others in the planning stages.

Maybe Love Likes Crazy is a love story involving an English boy and an Amish girl. I believe you will find it to be a refreshing and enjoyable escape from the world we live in today.