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Seamless guttersSeamless gutters are one piece end to end (except when miter is used to go around a corner) with no seams in the body of the gutter. With no seams, the gutter system is less likly to develop leaks., although not as noticeable as siding or roofing, play the most important role in the health of your home.

Water is the biggest adversary to a home's longevity. In fact, improperly hung gutters are actually more of a menace than no gutters at all. If water is not properly channeled away from your home, it will be directed at your home. Additionally, most basements are not watertight compartments. If ground water builds up too high next to your basement eventually it will find a way in. However, with properly functioning gutters you need never worry.

Why choose the Minner Company's seamless gutters? We actually produce the gutters onsite from aluminum gutter stock, ensuring a custom fit to your home. Seamless gutters are preferable for two reasons: superior appearanceBeing free of unsightly seams, it simply looks nicer. and functionLeakage
Anytime you piece something together it is not solid. So throughout the years, (due to wind, rain and ice) those are going to be the points that become the weakest and become loose. So you are either going to have leakage problems or it is going to fall apart.
. We use hidden gutter hangersA gutter hanger is a device that we use to adhere the gutter to the house. We use a hidden gutter hanger. You do not see it. It clips inside the gutter. There is a lip on the front of the gutter; it connects to the front of that inside, not on the outside. On the back there is a nail or screw driven into your fascia board.

The fascia is in the front of the house. It is that board that comes right down just off your roof. Right underneath it, that is called your Soffit. So we put our gutter onto the fascia board, and we fix it to the house using a hidden gutter hanger.
and heavy gauge aluminum materialsThere are basically two gauges available: .027 and .032. We only use .032 gauge because it is stronger and lasts longer., have many colors to choose from, and complete most homes in a single day.

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