The Minner Company Butler PA

Our Philosophy

All too often it seems the philosophy of companies today is being determined by the sole pursuit of profits. The marketplace has evolved into one where companies express little concern for their employees or customers.

This is not the case with the Minner Company as the quest for excellence is inextricably infused in our company’s fabric.

Excellence (ex•cel•lence) noun
1. the highest quality; superiority; a state of being first-class

Excellence in communication from beginning to end with each of our customers is the cornerstone of our company.

Excellence in our work and the products we install is our constant accomplishment.

Excellence in honoring our customers' warranties gives them peace of mind.

Excellence is our goal for more than just the sake of a strong reputation. It's for the pride that only the attainment of excellence can provide.

Our excellence has been proven with over 7,000 satisfied customers.  
It is a quality we have maintained for over 30 years.