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Peeling paint, poorly caulked seams, or warped wood are common complaints about aging home exteriors. These problems will become a fading memory if you opt to have us install one of our top brands of 100% vinyl siding. Our siding products require no maintenance costs/work, involve no caulking, and maintain their shape over time.

We use extremely durable vinyl siding that is proven to withstand winds up to 90 mph, possibly more depending on the model. Also, the products we install provide protection against fading & discoloring, termite infestation, and moisture buildup. All of our siding choices have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

With over 40 colors to choose from, there is a perfect fit for every taste. They come in a both smooth and wood grain textures.

We also offer fishscalesPittsburgh fishscale siding contractor, roundsPittsburgh siding contractor rounds, shinglesPittsburgh shingles siding contractor, vertical panelsPittsburgh verticalsiding contractor, and panels that duplicate the look of classic cedar shakesPittsburgh shakes siding contractor.

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